The Best & Most Unique Bride and Bridesmaid Jewelry  

As the bride or bridesmaid, you want to make sure you have the bling to go with the style of your wedding. It’s known that the bride usually gifts her bridesmaid’s with their jewelry for the big day. It’s a great way to make sure everyone matches with the bride & the theme of the wedding. Buying your bridesmaid jewelry is also a very thoughtful gesture and shows them how thankful you are to have them stand by your side. In today’s post we’ll go over not only the best but also the most unique bridal and bridesmaid jewelry pieces you can find. 

diamond and pearl earring

This post is not only helpful for the bride in finding jewelry for her girls but also for herself. At Oui Jolie we cater to brides and love to offer hundreds of pieces of high quality bridal jewelry. Many people come to shop for their whole bridal party since it truly is a one stop shop. From rose gold, sterling silver, solid gold, white gold, pearls, and diamonds, we have it all. There are so many pieces of jewelry that are incredibly unique if that’s your style or we also offer simple pieces that are sure to give you and your wedding party a classy look.  When shopping with Oui Jolie Bijoux, you’ll be sure that no one will ever have the same piece of jewelry as you. We custom make our pieces to ensure every piece is unique and one of a kind. Making it the perfect jewelry for you and girls on your wedding day. 

Wedding Style 

Whether planning your wedding in 6 months or in a year from now, you’ll want to know your style. When choosing the type of jewelry for you and your bridesmaid, it’s important to think of your wedding style. During the wedding planning process you’ll quickly be able to pick up on your wedding style. Are you more minimalistic, flashy, boho, or natural? Those who have a more flashy style will want to opt for jewelry that may be a little heavier on the diamonds. A bride who tends to be more boho may want to opt for dainty jewelry with floral or braided looks. Whatever your style is, we have something for that. Just keep in mind while shopping, you want it to match the theme of your big day. 

Wedding & Bridesmaid Dress Styles

The dress style will also have a huge say in which type of jewelry you and your girls wear. If you or your girls have a halter top drop, chances are you. may not want a big necklace. Maybe a pair of earrings and/or a nice bracelet will do! If you or your girls have a strapless dress, that will give you more wiggle room. At that point, you could opt for a necklace, earrings, and bracelet if you want to dress up. 

flower and diamond head piece

Jewelry Color 

When it comes to jewelry color, you want to make sure the color you choose does not clash with your wedding colors. Most jewelry will blend fairly well but maybe sterling silver won’t look the best if you have a particular color bridesmaid dress. Keep this in mind, because it will effect the overall look of your girls. A gold piece of jewelry and a silver piece will give two completely different looks. It may sound crazy, but trust us it’s so true! You want the color of your jewelry to blend with the color palette for your wedding. If you have a boho themed wedding with lots of warm colors, gold may be a beautiful option. If you have a clean or flashy wedding style, you may find sterling silver to look very nice and clean. 

pearl and diamond necklace


When it comes to necklaces there are quite a few styles and looks to consider. You’l also want to evaluate your wedding dress and/or bridesmaid’s dress style. If the dress has a high neckline, chances are you won’t want a busy necklace. if the dress style has a sweetheart neckline, you’ll have more options to play around with when it comes to jewelry. There are simple and beautiful delicate necklaces or heavier necklaces if you prefer more bling. The most popular style necklace is a pendant necklace but choker style necklaces have also been making a comeback. Here are a few necklace styles to consider:

luxury diamond earrings for brides


Earrings make the perfect statement for a wedding. They’re the perfect piece of jewelry that really adds a lot to the bride’s look. Almost every bride or bridesmaid will wear earrings the day of the wedding. They’re perfect for any dress style. If a dress has a high neckline and chooses not to wear a necklace, this is where earrings come in. They can either really dress up your look or tone it down to keep it simple. We recommend going with a length that you feel most comfortable with. Some brides love long drop earrings while others prefer a simple style like crystal stud earrings. Either way, you cannot go wrong with a beautiful pair of earrings. Here are several different styles:

bridal bracelet with gold and pearls


Bracelets are similar to earrings in that you can wear them if you want to dress up a bit more but don’t want a necklace. The neat thing with bracelets is they can be big or very dainty. If you choose to wear earrings that are simple and classy, you’ll want a bracelet that will also be simple, classy, & elegant. Most brides will give their bridesmaids a jewelry set with a simple bracelet, pair of earrings, and/or a necklace. It makes a great gift and ensures every matches perfectly for the big day! It’s also a nice gesture to show your girls you appreciate them. 

bridal head piece


Headpieces are usually more for the bride. It can dress up your hair do and also add a little bling to your veil. Instead of having a veil, many will add a headpiece to put where the veil is. This adds an extra touch, even if you wear your hair down. It’s a great idea to finish off your wedding day look. Flower crowns can even fall in the same category as headpieces. Usually brides who have a boho theme or garden wedding opt for a beautiful flower crown. Flower crowns are also perfect pieces for little flower girls. 

As you can see there are so many unique and beautiful options when it comes to bridal and bridesmaids jewelry. At our jewelry boutique you can find hundreds of options from earrings, bracelets, necklaces, & headpieces. Each piece is unique and customized so you cannot find another piece of jewelry like our exquisite collection. It can make the perfect gift to give to bridesmaids or even to a bride on her special day.  If you shop with Oui Jolie Bijoux you can get 15% off by using discount code: WEDDINGS 

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