A Bride’s Guide To Choosing A Wedding Necklace

As if there isn’t enough things for a bride to choose for her big day. Enter into the world of jewelry! Choosing the right jewelry for your big day may seem like it’s not a huge deal but it can really set the stage for your look. Finding your style for your wedding day, is super important because you want it to match your wedding’s theme. In today’s post, we’ll take the stress away and help you find the most perfect necklace to go with your dream dress. 

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Choosing the perfect dress is a task but once you find it, that’s a huge check mark on your list of things to do. It’s so satisfying during the wedding planning process to check things off your “to-do” list. Once your dream dress is found, you have to think of the accessories that will compliment the dress. Things like wedding jewelry, shoes, veil, and hair pieces to name a few. These things will all depend on your personal style and what you want your bridal look to be presented as. 

Making decisions on jewelry isn’t always easy for everyone, we get it. It can seem like such a task when in all reality, it can be fairly simple. Knowing which style neckline your wedding dress has will also play a role in choosing the correct jewelry, especially a necklace. If you have a halter neckline, you probably won’t need a necklace maybe just earrings. But if you have a strapless gown, that allows you to choose any style necklace you would like. Not only the neckline of your dress but the style or your dress will matter as well. If you have a dress that is heavily beaded, you may not need too much bling. If your dress is fairly simple, you can easily get away with a statement piece. Thankfully Oui Jolie Bijoux has a variety of necklace styles for you to choose from. If you’re searching for unique & one of a kind pieces, you have you covered.

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What Necklace Styles Are There?

Pendants- Pendant necklaces are great for brides who want something simple and classy. It’s usually a chain with a diamond, gem, or pearl. Typically around 16-18″ long but can vary in length. 

Chokers- Choker necklaces typically hug the neck and can vary in style. There are diamond, pearl, and crystal styled chokers. The style you get is completely dependent on what you look you want 

Multi Strand- Multi strand necklaces usually have multiple chains and layers instead of just one chain. the chain can either be simple and plain or have diamonds, pearls, or gemstones. 

Princess- Princess necklaces have a bib like length and typically hang around the collar bone. Most contain multiple strands of beads or diamonds. 

Lariat- Known as the “Y” shaped necklace, the lariat necklace is unique measuring up to 34″ inches long. It creates a hanging decorative drop with either a string of pearls, diamonds, or tassel.

How To Know Which Wedding Necklace Is Best For You

Know The Neckline Of Your Wedding Gown 

When considering your wedding necklace, take a look at your dress style. If you have a sweetheart neckline or even a deep v neckline, you will want to stick with something fairly simple. A simple pendant or even a simple lariat style necklace would be the right necklace! For earrings you may even want to stick with stud earrings. Although,  you could get away with simple drop earrings too. You don’t want to take away from the dress by wearing a heavy necklace or earrings. This is a great way to keep the focal point on the dress and not just your jewelry. 

If your dress has an open neckline such as strapless or boat, you may be able to get away with a statement necklace. Princess, choker, or even multi strand necklaces are perfect for these style dresses. You can even go with statement earrings if you are really wanting some bling on your big day. Since your entire neckline and collar bone is exposed, you have room to fill in those areas to dress it up. If that’s not your style, you can still stick with a beautiful dainty pendant and it would be perfect for an elegant look. 

Wedding dresses with a high neckline may want to stay away from necklaces. A great way to incorporate wedding jewelry with this style is to wear earrings and/or a bracelet. You can also incorporate hair accessories to dress things up a bit. These all make an excellent choice & will keep the overall look balanced on your special day. This of course is not expert advice but with 28 years of experience in the bridal industry, we have seen a lot of different looks! 

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Look at Your Dress Style

If your dress is heavily embellished with pearls and crystals, you will want to try and match those. Each piece of jewelry is unique and will contain different types of diamonds. It’s also important to consider the metal of the jewelry. Do you want to go with sterling silver, yellow gold, rose gold, or white gold? Try to keep all of your jewelry with the same color metal to have a cohesive look. 

If your wedding dress is simple or plain, you have a bit of an advantage. You can really choose any style diamond or pearl that you would like to. You can choose to wear heavier styled jewelry or keep it simple and wear a delicate necklace. 

Wearing Unique Jewelry 

Not looking for the typical style? We get it! Our store Oui Jolie Bijoux is full of unique and one of a kind pieces. If you want to stand out and wear something no one else has, we have you covered. We love curating one of a kind pieces for brides and understand you want to stand out. As a reader of ours you can enjoy 15% off your purchase by using the discount code WEDDINGS

Another thing many brides will do, is let their jewelry be their something old. Wearing an antique necklace or pair of earrings passed down from your grandmother is a special way to stand out on your big day. Brides will even incorporate their mother or grandmother’s veil to complete their look. This makes the whole wedding ensemble incredibly special and memorable too. 

What is your preferred style of jewelry? We would love to hear in the comments below! Let us know when your big day is too. 

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